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Eating Out 0n 30A - Pizza, Beer, and Pilates!

Hi guys! It's Kasey! So, it is getting to be that time of the year when all of our loyal vacationers start flooding the beaches of 30A. Spring and summer get-aways are right around the corner and SoWal Pilates has you covered on staying in shape whether you are just visiting or a year round local, but what about food. Good food is plentiful in all of your favorite beach side towns. From Rosemary Beach to Dune Allen Beach you will find local hot spots to satisfy any hunger! I thought I would put myself in the body of a weekend traveler who has to eat all of their meals out. That can be pretty hard on the healthy body, but fortunately for all of us 30A has lots of healthy options! Here's a full day of eating out on 30A:

For breakfast I am going to head to Grayton Beach and grab some chow at Another Broken Egg. I love that the staff here will make just about anything you want even if it is not on the menu! I have ordered this meal before and it is delish~low calorie and low fat!

1 scramble eggs and 2 scrambled egg whites

1 side of black beans

1 side of pico de gallo

1 side of sliced jalapeños (I like it spicy!)

1 slice of dry wheat toast

1 cup of Joe

1 tall glass of H2O

500 Calories

7 grams of fat

For lunch I am going to head to sea side and their airstream cafeteria! Raw & Juicy has my name all over it!

My favorite is the Zippy Hula. Pineapple, apple, and ginger all blended into a light and tasty treat after my big breakfast!

195 Calories

1/2 fat gram

I promised you all pizza and beer and I always keep my promises! Pizza by the Sea in Water Color is my fav 30A pizza joint! Great people who really support our little beach community.

So, I am going thin crust, extra saucy, and a little light on the cheese. Lots of veggies for this vegetarian:) Pizza by the Sea makes a great pie they call Rabbit Food! (Perfect for me!) It is loaded down with green peppers, some shrooms, black olives, roma tomatoes, and red onions....You think I am indulging??

Per Slice: (And I am eating at least 2 slices)

200 calories

10 fat grams

That puts me at just over 1,000 calories and only 27 grams of fat for my full day at the beach...which leaves plenty of room for that cold beer I promised you! I am an American Girl so it is Miller Lite for me! At 96 calories a beer I am in for a fun night! And when I wake up in the morning I can ease into my day with some aerial yoga or some gentle Pilates!

Here on 30A there are so many great opportunities for health! Enjoy the personal attention you receive at small boutique studios and the many delicious dining options. Above all, have fun!

FYI: All of my nutrition information was obtained from It is a great site that allows you to type in any recipe (even your own!) and it will give you the nutritional information. The numbers are not exact to the restaurants I listed, but I did type in every single ingredient.

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