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Rectus Poofus: The Low Back Killa'

Hi Guys! So, when I am teaching the fundamental connections of pilates I often refer to "rectus poofus." Rectus Poofus is, essentially, an improper use of the rectus abdominis muscles. The rectus abdominis muscles are the six pack abs that we all want. They are close to the surface of the skin and function to flex and protect the spine, particularly the lumbar portion. The rectus abdominis, also, compresses the contents of the abdominal cavity helping to keep the organs in place. So, when thinking of the function of the rectus abdominal muscles it is easy to see that they must come inward toward the spine and organs in order to function properly. So, while little Jenna is super cute and Pink is in amazing shape, they both have rectus poofus:( I I wonder if Pink experiences any low back pain? There are many causes of low back pain, including, vertebral disk dysfunction, sacral alignment, arthritis, nerve damage, and muscle strain, but weak abdominal muscles are the leading cause of chronic low back pain. So, yay! We can fix that!!! Basically, the deeper muscles of the abdominals are to blame. The transverse abdominals become weak or even atrophied and can no longer do their job of protecting and stabilizing the spine, so the rectus abdominis steps up to help. So, now this guy is trying to do his job and the other guy’s job. If he shows up all rectus poofus to the party, there are going to be problems. Imagine showing up to your job hung-over and then told that your coworkers called in sick! You might not be all that you can be that day, right? In pilates and Gyrotonic we teach you how to engage all of the core muscles properly, so that everyone is doing their job and working together to provide a happy, healthy, stable environment! Check in with me in the next week or two. I am going to do a video blog on the classic pilates Ab Series of Five....five exercises, five emphasized connections to stronger abdominals and a happy low back! And as always, you can find me at SoWal Pilates for private instruction.

Peace, Love, Pilates, & Flat Bellies:)


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