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New to Pilates?

Apparatus Classes

If it is your first time doing Pilates we require you take at least one Private lesson before entering a group apparatus class.  This is for your benefit and to help keep the flow of our classes.  We will teach you how to properly use the Reformer, correct form, and modifications if needed for your body.  This will help you stay safe in a group class.  It will also give you a deeper understanding for the Pilates work so you will receive faster results.  We know price can be an issue with Private lessons please see the offers below.  

Private Introductory 3 Series $195 (save $45)

Private Introductory 10 Series $680 (save $120)

Call to schedule an appointment or find one here.

Mat Classes

We do not require you take a Private lesson before entering a Mat Class but do recommend it!

New To Our Studio But Not Pilates?

You are welcome to come join one of our group classes, we are a classical Pilates studio with Gratz apparatus.  If you are unfamiliar with classical Pilates we recommend taking a private lesson before entering a group class.


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