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Nina Johnson

Scott Block

Throughout Scott’s life he found how important it is to take care of your body as you begin to age. Scott began studying Classical Pilates in New York City in 1999 under the training of Romana Kryzanoska, who studied under Joseph Pilates.  He is very passionate about teaching others the mechanics of Pilates, and loves to give detailed explanations making it really easy to learn! He is always eager to introduce Pilates to people who are just beginning their journey. Through multiple injuries Scott has learned to incorporate Pilates to create a workout that is both safe and effective for any age and body type. He finds joy in helping others work through injuries and inabilities.
After years of teaching Classical Pilates, Scott has found that he is fueled by being able to uplift people through their training! He has a passion to inspire others to improve their quality of life through movement. He believes Pilates can empower the mind, body, and spirit!

Nina Johnson has been teaching Romana's Pilates since 2008.
Born in California Nina grew up dancing and playing sports. She continued to dance professionally after receiving a dance scholarship out of high school and enjoyed teaching adults and children for a few years. Nina began studying all things health and fitness related and found Pilates and never looked back. Her ayurvedic and eastern studies began in 2010 and she continued to study, take classes, and further her health and nutrition education through more study but more importantly through her own trial and error. Nina has experience working with chronic injuries, scoliosis, nervous system disorders, post and pre-natal mothers, kids, professional dancers, Romana's apprentices, competitive athletes, weight related problems, the elderly, and autoimmune disorders, among others.

Nina enjoys training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and is lucky enough to have trained with world class teachers and athletes. 

Nina's goal is to inspire and support her clients in leading healthy and vibrant lives through good nutrition and Pilates.


Allison Cutting 

Originally from Memphis Tennessee by the way Washington DC, Allison moved to Inlet Beach in 2015 when she was introduced to Pilates by her parents.  She quickly discovered a passion for it. Due to a  hectic work schedule when she first moved,  she’s unable to attend classes regularly. In 2016 she decided to start her own aesthetics business which allowed her to schedule time for Pilates. In 2020 Allison decided it was time  to take her interest to a higher level and began to work toward certification to teach.  Allison is in the middle of the Romana’s Pilates Program certification, having completed certification to teach beginners, and will be fully certified at all levels in 2022.  She continues to focus on her two passions, skin care and Pilates.

Susan Lee

Move… that is the word describes Susan…from a kid playing freeze tag and Marco Polo she has never stopped.  Graduated from high school in 1972 and received a MS in 1978.  Susan ran for a couple of decades and longer time spent in aerobic classes.  A lot of time in the gym with free weights and weight machines.  On her 10th wedding  anniversary she given a stair master.  They are now on their 3rd one.  Played a lot of tennis, countless hours on stair master, spin bike, elliptical, rower, and even an ultra slide(super fun). The last couple of years she is busy riding her Peleton( Chassin 4,500 rides and closing in fast).  And swimming, endless hours enjoying swimming.

Susan was introduced to Pilates by a friend and then her daughter Brittany took the lead.  Susan is fascinated by the complexity and simplicity of Romana Pilates.
“This Pilates program is so well constructed and multilayered. So much attention to detail to connect all the various moves on the different apparatuses to work specific parts of the body is phenomenal.  All the while helping the client develop a much stronger and clearer mind body connection”

Seeing so much change in her own body.  She was on board.  Improved posture, huge increase in the flexibility of her back. Big increase mobility of her shoulders.  Built a
PowerHouse that serves her well.  Lastly, stability and strength in her feet and ankles.  She has 4 sets of ortho boots she’s acquired over the years and believes she can speak strongly on Pilates being a game changer for her feet and ankles.

So… she became serious and wanted to be a certified instructor.  She began working very diligently with the other instructors at the studio to prepare for the program. And on her 65th birthday she found herself  officially accepted and started the program.  A full year and a half later she completed the program and became a certified instructor.

“You have no idea what your body is capable of doing and age is NOT a primary variable.  Plus it is flat out fun”

Brittany Rebolledo

Brittany has always enjoyed living an active lifestyle- surfing, biking, hiking, water skiing, running- anything outdoors or in the water.  When she first discovered Pilates she loved the way it energized her and felt like Pilates would be the perfect balance to her lifestyle. Brittany was amazed at how fast she felt her muscles become strengthened and more flexible.  She had always done all sorts of different forms of exercise, but it was Pilates where she saw the most change in her whole body from the inside out. Just as Joseph Pilates had said, after 10 sessions she felt differences in her body.  ​
Brittany loved the mind-body connection that Pilates brought her and how Pilates has enhanced her performance in other activities.  After practicing Pilates as a student she decided she wanted to share her passion for Pilates with others. Brittany completed a comprehensive certification through BASI in Santa Barbara, California.  She was fortunate to train with elite Pilates instructors who have encouraged her and helped her advance her education. After years of deepening her Pilates practice she has become dedicated to learning and teaching classical Pilates.  She now has a second Pilates certification through the renowned Romana's True Pilates classical certification.
Pilates is Brittany’s passion and it excites her everyday to get the opportunity to share it with other people. Her health and well-being shines through her teaching and her joyful personality makes working out fun! She is fully equipped to work with any age at any level. Brittany’s experience with Pilates has enabled her to flow through classes and be able to modify exercises for anyone in the class. Brittany loves seeing how Pilates can instantly brighten someone’s day and make them feel better!

Floja (Flo)

Flo has been with the studio since we opened in 2012!  She is at the door most days to greet you and get a belly rub!  She is a Pilates enthusiast and is there to cheer you on during your sessions!  Her favorite pose is downward dog.  She prefers Pilates matwork the most, and usually snags a mat during mat classes.  She tends to dose off during some of the exercises, she is a great example of how to really relax and release tension in the body!  
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