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Springboard Classes Start Next Week! The Lowdown!

We are excited to introduce Pilates Springboard classes to our Group Class Schedule! Are you unsure what the Springboard is? Hopefully this will answer some of your questions...

What is the Springboard?

The Springboard is designed by master teacher Ellie Herman, it is a piece of Pilates equipment that provides an invigorating full-body workout. It is similar to the spring set up that is on the trapeze table. It has leg springs, arm springs, and a roll back bar. There a many exercises you can do to have a full body workout.

What should I expect in the class?

In this small group class you will be guided through a series of controlled exercises that are specifically tailored to your level of ability. We will work with arm springs, leg springs, and the rollback bar. This full body workout will tone your arms, legs, abdominals and back. You will be increaseing both strengh and flexiblity. With a maximum of 3 students, you will receive individualized instruction and corrections to maximize the workout to your specific body needs.

Class Schedule:

Tuesday 11:00am

Wednesday 4:00pm

Thursday 11:00am

-open level

-55 minutes

-24 hour cancellation


Single $35 5 classes/ $165.25 10 classes/ $315

How to sign up?

Give us a shout 850-534-3040 or sign up online through our website, and click on view class schedule.

Here is a short clip to give you an idea of what the Springboard in action!

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