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New Springboard Classes!

Springboard Core & Balance - Tuesday 9:00

Let's hit the mat and dive right into your core in this basic to intermediate class. We will warm up with the Classical Pilates mat system focusing on core control, correct muscle recruitment and stability then move on to more functional training concepts using the springboard for its resistance training benefits. Each class ends with a stretch and balance sequence so your can leave class with a full body workout.

Springboard Sculpt - Thursday 9:00

An intermediate workout that flows from one move to the next fusing Pilates with cardio intensive burst designed to sculpt and tone your whole body. We will dig deep into your abdominal muscles using Joe's famous matwork sequence then sculpt your muscles with the springboard and static body holds. Plyometrics throughout will keep your heart rate up and the calories melting away. This class is sure to make you feel long, strong, lean and empowered!

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