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The Pilates Scoop - Newsletter 7/25/16


We are constantly trying to improve at SoWal Pilates. As you know, those of you who come regularly, we are constantly rearranging the studio trying to improve the layout, its not just a joke to make you think your in the wrong place :). We all are deepening and improving our Pilates practice and understanding. With this mentality we are also tying to improve our schedule, we have added new classes listed below. We are also fortunate to have Dianne Powers join us to keep improving our small SoWal Pilates team!

We sincerely appreciate all of you who come take classes with us, without your enthusiasm SoWal Pilates wouldn't be the same!

-SoWal Pilates Team

Our fabulous team is growing!

Introducing Dianne Powers...

Dianne's introduction to Pilates began in 1998 thru her own rehabilitation for a knee injury. Once retired from her professional dance career, she attended The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO in March of 2001, an international teaching center for instructors. Dianne completed the program in October of 2002. After receiving her teaching certificate, she opened Golden Pilates in Golden, CO. For several years Dianne focused on clients who required specific instruction as a result of an injury or physical challenge. In February of 2012, Polestar Pilates, a rehab-based program presented an opportunity for Dianne to enhance her instructional skills. She completed her training series with Polestar Pilates and became both a mentor and host site for the organization (2013-2015). Dianne values Pilates as a therapeutic training for recovery and continues her studies in the area of rehabilitation determined to inspire her clients to improved health and movement.

Just Recently, in June, Dianne completed a workshop in NYC on The Adaptations for Scoliosis Based on the Teachings of the Schroth Method. The material included understanding the pathogenesis of idiopathic scoliosis, identify the forces that promote curve progression, applying breathing strategies to assist clients with their movement regiment and observing Schroth therapist practicing the Scroth method techniques on individuals with scoliosis. What an incredible experience!

Dianne is grateful to both the educators for their extensive knowledge, generosity and compassion. More about the Schroth Method here:

Dianne's Mission With Clients:

-Identify and correct unhealthy imbalances of the body.

-Use an exploratory intuitive process that connects the client with innate wisdom of the mind, body, and spirit.

-To use proven modalities to guide the client to a place of improved physical function and ability.

Be sure to check out one of Dianne's classes added to the schedule below or call to set up a private appointment!

Lots Of New "Fun" Classes

- as you know our idea of fun can be a little different than others!

Find the class that best suites you!

Springboard Core & Balance

Tuesdays 9:00 with Lisa

Let's hit the mat and dive right into your core in this basic to intermediate class. We will warm up with the Classical Pilates mat system focusing on core control, correct muscle recruitment and stability then move on to more functional training concepts using the springboard for its resistance training benefits. Each class ends with a stretch and balance sequence so your can leave class with a full body workout.

Springboard Sculpt

Thursdays 9:00 with Lisa

An intermediate workout that flows from one move to the next fusing Pilates with cardio intensive burst designed to sculpt and tone your whole body. We will dig deep into your abdominal muscles using Joe's famous mat work sequence then sculpt your muscles with the springboard and static body holds. Plyometrics throughout will keep your heart rate up and the calories melting away. This class is sure to make you feel long, strong, lean and empowered!

Saturday Reformer

9:00 with Lisa

Get your weekend off to a good healthy start! This class will wake you up better than your Saturday coffee!


Thursdays12:00 with Dianne

-Apparatus/Reformer classes are primarily on the Reformer but we will mix it up week to week and may utilize other pieces of the Pilates Apparatus such as the Wunda Chairs, Springboards, Spine Correctors, and Mat!

Restorative Mat

Wednesdays 10:30 with Dianne

This class will emphasize alignment and rhythm of the joints and spine while performing basic Pilates exercises, improve muscular imbalances and breathing patterns and enhance core strength and flexibility.

View Full Schedule & Register here:

-reservations required for all classes

-24 hour cancellation policy for all classes

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