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Music to your ears.....mind, body, & soul!

Most everyone who knows me knows that I love music......I live my life to an ever changing soundtrack. There is nothing I love better than going for a long run and losing myself in music. It clears my mind, lifts my spirits, awakens hope, and guides me down memory lane all at once. Give me music and you have given me happiness. So, that's my personal take on it, but there has been a lot of scientific research on the affect music has on humans. It has been shown that music can slow down and equalize brain waves creating optimal conditions for creativity, meditation, and sleep. Music, also, has a positive affect on the heart. Studies have shown that pulse rate responds to the frequency, tempo, volume, and rhythym of music increasing or decreasing the pulse rate which can produce a measurable affect on circulation. Increased circulation of blood and lymph harmonizes the body and boosts immune function. This is just a small glimpse into the biological impact that music can have on the human body. Psychologists have been integrating music therapy for emotional health for decades. Music heals, y'all. Trust me! Here at the studio we want to continue to spread the health by incorporating music into our practices. Music is most effective in its most natural state, live and unproduced. Keep an eye on our schedule for the group classes that will feature live music! We just added Musical Meridian Strech on Wednesdays at 8:30 with live music! It is a great way to enhance your approach to health and just make your day better!

Be Good, Be Healthy, Be happy


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