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Happy Happy, Joy Joy....SoWal Pilates News!

Hello there! Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of spring and the warmer, sunnier weather! This time of year always rejuvenates my desire for activity and movement. We have opened the doors at SoWal Pilates to let the sunshine and activity of 30A inside and it feels and sounds wonderful! This spring has not only brought us the warmth of the sun, but also the arrival of our new instructor Anna Kris. We are so excited to have her here and can't wait for her to share her knowledge with us! Our little boutique studio is growing so fast. Not only is our family of instructors growing, but we are adding new equipment to the studio so that we may offer a larger variety of services to our clients. After many client suggestions, we have decided to add a new reformer to the studio and are super excited to be now offering group reformer classes! Group reformer classes are not only more affordable, but also have many other benefits; such as, increased motivation and support, accountability, and of course all of the physical benefits of Pilates! (Plus, it’s just fun to workout with other people) New group class times are listed below. Space is limited, so make sure you call us to reserve your spot! In addition to our new reformer, And as if that wasn't enough new and exciting news, we are adding assessment sessions to our list of services. We believe it is important for everyone to exercise in the safest way possible. Whether you are working out here under the watchful eye of one of our instructors or you are running on the beach, we believe it is important for people to know their bodies and to be aware of what may be unsafe or causing pain. An assessment session will help identify which muscles are tight, which muscles are weak, or which muscles may be working too hard! These assessments will also address gait and alignment for each unique body. Our goal is to help educate so that our clients stay injury and pain free and are able to live actively! It has definitely been an exciting beginning of spring for all of us here at SoWal Pilates. We really feel that our studio offers fun, healthy, challenging, and beneficial movement for every person who walks through our door. We cannot wait for a busy summer!

Reformer Class Schedule

Monday 11:00am

Tuesday 9:00am

Wednesday 11:00am

Friday 10:00am

*reservations are required. Call or sign up HERE.

*24 hour cancellation policy.

Be Happy, Have Fun, Stay Fit! Kasey.

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