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From the mat to the hammock!

Curious about what we do in our aerial classes? Here are a few examples of how you can take yoga and Pilates mat work to the silk hammocks...


Take your swan to a flying swan, your stretches to standing, your pigeon deeper and your boat upside down! The support of the silk hammock can both challenge exercises or be used for more support in exercises you need to modify. This support of the silk makes it a great place to practice inversions and decompress the spine with out having any pressure on the head. But, if you prefer to stay upright there is plenty to practice sitting, standing, or suspended in the hammock. Come try it out if you haven't already and be ready to have fun and explore movement in a new way! Come fly with us!!



11:00 - Beginner


4:00pm -Teens class

5:00pm- Intermediate


11:00 Beginner


11:00 Beginner

Privates, Duets, and Semi-Privates available, call for an appointment.

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