April 19, 2017

We now have a small retail section at SoWal Pilates!  We are carrying Onzie!  Here is a little blurb about their awesome clothing...


Utilizing Free-Flow Fabric Technology that is durable and breathable, this fast-drying material keeps bodies cool, dry and comfortable. Onzie yoga gear is perfect for hot yoga, but can also be used for pilates, spinning, swimming, surfing, running or hooping. Our clothes can be worn as everyday wear or into chlorine and salt water environments. You can transition in and out of yoga postures as seamlessly as you can the rest of your day. From straps to bottom, Onzie helps keep your body in check. You'll feel supported from the inside and out…shaping the entire body. So embrace the awareness of your being, sense your core, and feel secure. Focus on your strength and beauty. And for goodness sake, forget about those so-called flaws. You're perfectly you.

We are loving their fun funky leggings, cute tops, and stylish bras!  If you haven't...

February 1, 2017

To Register: Register at the studio, or call/email us to have your friend signed up for FREE!  A reservation is required due to limited space in classes.  

*Offer is only valid for the month of February.

*Offer is good for one friend who is new to SoWal Pilates.

*This offer not apply to appointments, just group classes.

January 5, 2017

5 Class Beginner's Aerial Yoga Series

January 18 - February 1st

Wednesdays / Fridays 3:00

Call to register 850-534-3040

Cost: $166.25

Come fly with Lisa as she guides you through an Aerial Yoga Beginners series!  No yoga experience is needed, the silks can be used to assist and challenge you in different poses.  The silk hammock helps release areas of chronic tension, lengthen and stretch the entire body, build strength and confidence.  If you set a New Years resolution to try something new this is for you!

November 2, 2016

July 25, 2016

The Pilates Scoop - Newsletter 7/25/16


We are constantly trying to improve at SoWal Pilates. As you know, those of you who come regularly, we are constantly rearranging the studio trying to improve the layout, its not just a joke to make you think your in the wrong place :).  We all are deepening and improving our Pilates practice and understanding.  With this mentality we are also tying to improve our schedule, we have added new classes listed below. We are also fortunate to have Dianne Powers join us to keep improving our small SoWal Pilates team! 

We sincerely appreciate all of you who come take classes with us, without your enthusiasm SoWal Pilates wouldn't be the same!  

-SoWal Pilates Team

Our fabulous team is growing!

Introducing Dianne Powers...

Dianne's introduction to Pilates began in 1998 thru her own rehabilitation for a knee injury. Once retired from her professional dance career, she attended The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO in Marc...

July 7, 2016

Springboard Core & Balance    -   Tuesday 9:00

Let's hit the mat and dive right into your core in this basic to intermediate class.  We will warm up with the Classical Pilates mat system focusing on core control, correct muscle recruitment and stability then move on to more functional training concepts using the springboard for its resistance training benefits.  Each class ends with a stretch and balance sequence so your can leave class with a full body workout.

Springboard Sculpt     -     Thursday 9:00

An intermediate workout that flows from one move to the next fusing Pilates with cardio intensive burst designed to sculpt and tone your whole body.  We will dig deep into your abdominal muscles using Joe's famous matwork sequence then sculpt your muscles with the springboard and static body holds.  Plyometrics throughout will keep your heart rate up and the calories melting away.  This class is sure to make you feel long, strong, lean and empowered!...

February 25, 2016

With spring around the corner we pumped up the schedule a bit!  Make sure to sign up online to save your space in each class!  Hope to see you in class soon!


February 2, 2015

We are excited to introduce Pilates Springboard classes to our Group Class Schedule!  Are you unsure what the Springboard is?  Hopefully this will answer some of your questions...

What is the Springboard?

The Springboard is designed by master teacher Ellie Herman, it is a piece of Pilates equipment that provides an invigorating full-body workout.  It is similar to the spring set up that is on the trapeze table.  It has leg springs, arm springs, and a roll back bar.  There a many exercises you can do to have a full body workout.  

What should I expect in the class?

In this small group class you will be guided through a series of controlled exercises that are specifically tailored to your level of ability. We will work with arm springs, leg springs, and the rollback bar.  This full body workout will tone your arms, legs, abdominals and back.  You will be increaseing both strengh and flexiblity.  With a maximum of 3 students, you will receive individualized instruction and...

September 23, 2014

Curious about what we do in our aerial classes?  Here are a few examples of how you can take yoga and Pilates mat work to the silk hammocks...


Take your swan to a flying swan, your stretches to standing, your pigeon deeper and your boat upside down!  The support of the silk hammock can both challenge exercises or be used for more support in exercises you need to modify. This support of the silk makes it a great place to practice inversions and decompress the spine with out having any pressure on the head. But, if you prefer to stay upright there is plenty to practice sitting, standing, or suspended in the  hammock. Come try it out if you haven't already and be ready to have fun and explore movement in a new way!   Come fly with us!!




11:00 -  Beginner


 4:00pm -Teens class

5:00pm- Intermediate 


11:00 Beginner


11:00 Beginner


Privates, Duets, and Semi-Privates available, call for an appointment.

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